Boishkhi Mela Graphics Project

If you haven’t read the article on OpenGL project,please go through this link to have a summarized idea of the screen shots of the project.Please note that in some screen shots you can see figures in black. This is because of a poor graphics card. The project works fine and runs smoothly only in machines with good graphics cards.

Stage- Opengl Texture feature was used to make object more attractive
SceneGraph-Adding mobility in virtual world
'Balloon Shooter Game' --3D balloon shooter game, which can be played from many angles
Night Vision Gun Pointer
Ferry's wheel- Can rotate 360 degree
Gun Pointer Mode
First Person Gun Pointer View
Boishakhi Mela/Carnival-- Bengali Festival
Night View- Work of light and color feature of Opengl
Night View- Festive look of the fair at night
Skybox- A touch of the 3D world!
Stage- Opengl Texture feature was used to make object more attractive

OpenGL Project

OpengGL can be used to do extensive graphics work. In my undergrad study I developed one such project using OpenGL.Here coloring and lighting factor can be modified extensively to give any look to an object.Here features that I used are:

    1. Skybox
    2. Color
    3. Light
    4. Texture
    5. Scenegraph
    6. Google Sketchup

Features of Scenegraph is useful to make a person’s or objects’ movement more dynamic. From google sketch-up, I collected various objects like human figure and other utensils. This .skp file was transformed into .3ds format to be read by Opengl. Various code module to read .3ds can be found online. I also used Skybox,which is a collection of 8 images to give a panoramic look. Opengl Blend function can be used make the corner of each side smooth.

Please visit the post  Boishakhi Mela Graphics Project to have a glimpse of my project.

‘Boishak’ is the first month of Bengali year and ‘Mela’ means festival/fair. This festival is held on the first day of Bengali year or the very first day of the Bengali month ‘Boishakh’; which is usually 14th April. The whole Bangladesh wears a festive look in this day. It’s a pivot part of the Bengali culture. To know more about Boishakhi Mela please visit the link.