Social Networking Web Project

The main idea of this project was to create a website with social networking website. Major objective features was:

  • ›create an account with
    • ›login name and password.
    • ›Require login for anyone to continue with the site
  • ›Users can manage their personal information
    • ›Users can enter and edit their personal information
      • ›Required: name, school, email addres
      • ›Upload a photo.
    • ›Users can build and edit a list of favorite music
  • ›Users can view a list of all people in the system
    • ›Include an indication of who is logged on at the current time.
    • ›Allow for paging if there are more that 10 people registered
  • ›Users can choose who to be friends with to
    • ›Allow users to invite other users as friends
    • ›Allow users to accept invitations
  • Users will be able to view all details for their friends


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