Installing Android for Eclipse

Follow the following steps to setup Android development environment on your windows machine. If  you have Eclipse installed on your system then skip step 1. Not all of the Eclipse versions support android.  But for my case Eclipse indigo package worked.Good luck!

Installing Eclipse for Java

1. Download eclipse for java(Indigo Package) from the following link and install.

Installing Android SDK

2. Download Android SDK from the following link:

3. Install Android SDK

4. After installation open SDK Manager.

5. Check the installed package tab.

6. Click on accept all and start installation (Hit install button).This may take 15/20 minutes.

7. After installation you are done with Android SDK.

ADT(Android Development Tool) Installation

8. Open Eclipse

9. Go ahead and click on the help tab

10. Click on Install New Software

11. Click on Add from the pop-up window ‘Install’.

12. You are now in ‘Add Repository’ window and give a name you wish in the Name textbox. E.g. ‘Android ADT’.

13. In the location text-box type following address:

and click OK.

14.Now check the box developer tools  and go clicking next and accept licensing agreement.

15. There will be a popup window to restart the Eclipse and do it.

16. After restarting a new window will pop up and eclipse wants to know where our installed android sdk is.

17. Click ‘Use existing sdk’ checkbox. Now find the location of ‘android-sdk’ folder in the android folder of program files (Usually in C drive).

18. Copy the folder location (C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk) and paste in the existing location textbox.

and click finish button.

19. From Eclipse go to windows>preference and hit the android link .

20. You can see a list of android targets available there and android is set up successfully on your machine.


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