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Difference between Agile,Scrum and Waterfall software development methodology

Recently I found this article on software development methodology in the Entrepreneur magazine by Kim Heldman which is worth sharing.Kim Heldman is senior IT director for the state of Colorado.


Process       – Continuous, Repitative

Best used if- The shape of the end product – or end user – is unclear and likely to change.Design , development and implementation  occur   multiple times.

Pros             – Flexible,simple ;working prototype available early in the cycle.

Cons            – Unpredictability of the end product and uncertain delivery time.


Process       – Delegates tasks to self-directed teams.

Best used if- The project involves uncharted territory for the developers,yet the deadline calls for a quick development cycle.

Pros             – Collaborative, good for products with tight deadlines.

Cons            – Success depends on the quality of team members and their ability to collaborate.


Process       – Methodical,linear

Best used if- The project builds upon existing  platforms(eg. website or database)

Pros             – Highly structured, reliable

Cons            – Software delivered at the end of the cycle,with few changes allowed


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