Book Reviews

THe power of Habit-Charles Duhigg

Key message: “we are not who we are,but our habit”.
Being one of the best book on human psychology, this will draw the map of our emotional roller coaster. For you it’ll find out why last time you totally loose your cool on that family gathering, what broke out the last fight on school lunch.

Charles Duhigg attracts the reader by giving a glimpse of each event at the beginning of each chapter, later explains the main event which escalates smoothly. Reader will feel the movement of each character, will be amused and intrigued at the same time.

Each chapter is based on real life history from our neighborhood. Story of success, failure; over all story of habit, which in turn defines the habit cycle of the whole universe. This book gave me the success story of a football team, the change story of a struggling Starbucks employee. It depicted the way big retailers, like Target, are spying on our morning routine.

This research based book related individual habit to social habit. All social habit in turn generates a big revolutionary event,e.g, Montgomery bus boycott. This book ends with a shocking event, driven by habit, and points out why in the eye of society a killer can get away but a gambler can’t. Arguments and psychological causes will put a reader in the challenging position of a judge.


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