INFP-Mediator personality type(Myers Briggs test)

After scorching soul searching for 29 years, ended up finding my own personality type. Yes, I am an INFP. Only 4% man and 5-6% woman in US fall into this category, another word for rare-breed. Does it help paying your bills: no at all! Does it help making friends: Nope!!! Are you blind? Any benefit for being a dreamer: more soul searching, and dream talking while your eyes shine like Van Gouge’s starry night!

After taking the test on, and pushing information to almost all my close friends, (and loosing some on the process), read the whole INFP shit. It was a good read, took some raw notes, and publishing them raw here. Enjoy INFPs, and random visitors! You feel good, when you know what’s your type; oh yea, it feels goo0d!


Summary of INFP traits:

Communication is an important part of Mediator’s leaning style.
** Write down or speak out **.
Mediator tend to be perfectionist, which translate into unreasonable expectation of others. Perfect is the enemy of good. Focus on project instead of jumping on one topic to another. Don’t get stuck in a rut.
Analysts vs Diplomat: The most import difference is the criteria these two types use for decision making.
Analyst : ruthlessly efficiency-oriented, utilitarian, and objective.
Diplomat: diplomats pay attention to morality, principles, and cooperation.
Mediators are vulnerable to criticism. Tend to internalize their feelings and do their best to avoid conflict, often postponing difficult conversation or decision as long as possible.
How mediator learns:
Pointillism: use dots of paint rather than sweeping bush strokes.
Mediators need to organize pieces in their intuitive mind. More committed to a course if it leaves them feeling fulfilled and authentic. 
Professional goal: Career path requiring great degree of independence. Good news is that they are likely to be quite well rounded, able to both rely on their network of friends and acquaintances, and be quite convincing in an interview. As time passes by, they become good at convincing people and building connections. Tend to feel happiest when they are doing something that allows them to combine creativity and empathy. Stability, sensuality or technical prowess are not their domains.
*In business and life, it’s good to have varied personality types around to provide balance*
*Dont spend too much time talking to Sentinel about feelings*
*To get Diplomat’s vision realized down-to-earth, innovative way, call on an Explorer(fascinated by details).

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