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Mindset by Carol Dweck

Fixed mindset and Growth Mindset ultimately draws boundary between success and failure. Successful people ultimately get pleased not by the end product, but the effort they put towards the end result. On the other hand, people with a fixed mindset get conscious about the “label” they are putting on themselves, rather than the effort they can put on. For them working on a problem is similar to the fact that they aren’t smart enough to get it done instantly.
     Parents, teachers, and coaches can motivate students or players to love the effort they put to solve problem rather than the outcome. Once people understand the value of cooperation and growth culture, work place will be more productive and enjoyable.
     If a person from fixed mindset tries to  work on growth mindset, he must focuses on a concrete way of doing it. He may feel the pressure at some point to go for a quick judgement ( an elegant product of fixed-mindset), but  must find a way to solve that situation by changing environment.
     Person working on growth mindset must visualize this – “Why he is working on his growth-mindset practice, how his growth mindset is going to help people around him”.